Balintawak Warehouses

The PTFC Redevelopment Corporation operates the warehouse complex in Balintawak, Quezon City, Philippines, which comprises two (2) main buildings on a 2.5-hectare site. The total covered space available for lease is roughly 14,000 square meters of warehousing facilities.

Site features:

    • Paved asphalt roads

    • Fire station

    • 24/7 security personnel

    • CCTV compound monitoring

Lease period options:

    • Monthly (2 to 5 months)

    • Short-term (6 to 11 months)

    • Standard (1 year)

    • Long-term (over 1 year)

Security deposit:

    • Two (2) months basic rent

Advance rent:

    • Two (2) months basic rent plus 12% VAT, applicable to the first and last month of lease

Documentation requirements:

    • Business Permit and/or other pertinent licenses for business operations

    • SEC / DTI Registration

    • BIR Registration Certificate

    • Bank reference (name of bank personnel, position, contact telephone number)

    • Business references (latest Meralco or telco billings)

BAL Available Spaces